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About Us

Chinmaya Gurukul is the spiritual home or ashram of Chinmaya Mission Alpharetta.

Chinmaya Mission Alpharetta is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Chinmaya Mission Alpharetta is an incorporated center of Chinmaya Mission West and the Chinmaya Mission Worldwide organization.

Chinmaya Mission Alpharetta follows the Vedic teacher-student tradition (guru-shishya parampara) and makes available the ageless wisdom of Advaita Vedanta, the knowledge of universal oneness, providing the tools to realize the wisdom in one’s life.

Vedanta, the essential core of Hinduism, is the universal science of life, relevant to all people of all backgrounds and faiths. Vedanta inspires seekers to understand their own faith better. Thus, although Chinmaya Mission Alpharetta is a Hindu organization, it does not seek to convert other religious practitioners.

As a spiritual movement that aims for inner growth at individual and collective levels, the mission offers a wide array of Vedanta study forums and spiritual practices for all ages, Yoga and Meditation sessions, promotes Indian classical art forms, provides a stage to all local artists to perform and operates several social service projects. 

Our Motto: Maximum happiness to Maximum people for the Maximum amount of time.

Our Vision: The inner transformation of individuals through knowledge of Vedanta, spiritual practices and service to society resulting in a happy world around them.

Our Mission: To provide individuals from any background the wisdom of Vedanta, and the practical means of spiritual growth and happiness, enabling them to become positive contributors to society.

We conduct sessions at two locations Cumming and Marietta, in addition to several online and hybrid sessions.

H. H. Swami Chinmayananda (Gurudev)

Swami Chinmayananda was born on May 8, 1916 as Balakrishna Menon in Ernakulam, Kerala. Chattambi Swamigal a saint known for his yogic powers predicted a great spiritual future for the boy. A major turning point of his life was his meeting with Swami Sivananda. On February 25th, 1949, along with five other students, Balakrishna was initiated into sannyāsa. Swami Sivananda gave him the name “Chinmayananda Saraswati,” Chinmayananda meaning “filled with the bliss of pure Consciousness. Swami Sivananda then sent him to Uttarkashi to study under Swami Tapovan Maharaj. Seven years later, brimming with Vedantic knowledge, with a heart overflowing with love for his countrymen, Swami Chinmayananda was ready to execute what he called the “Gangotri Plan” to spread the message of Vedanta to the masses. By the time he attained mahāsamādhi in August 1993, Gurudev as he is known affectionately by his followers, had conducted 576 jnana yajnas and scores of family oriented spiritual family camps, logging thousands of miles as he traveled across the globe. “If I rest, I rust,” he quipped when asked to slow down. Gurudev is credited with the renaissance of spiritual and cultural values in India and with awakening the rest of the world to the ageless wisdom of Advaita Vedanta as expounded by Adi Shankaracharya. His legacy remains in the form of books, audio and video tapes, schools, and social service projects, Vedanta teachers whom he taught and inspired, and Chinmaya Mission centers around the world serving the spiritual and cultural needs of local communities. He has authored more than 250 books and written commentaries on various scriptural texts. Gurudev attained mahāsamādhi on August 3, 1993.