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Registration for Aug 2024-May 2025 was open for existing families from April 17th-May 31st. It is closed until 6/10 for administrative reason.
New this year: – Session 3 timing is 2-3:30pm; a 9th gr class is added to Session 2, 10th-12th gr classes are available only in Session 1.

NEW Family registration will open June 15th 2024. You can submit your information in the link below to be informed when it opens.
NOTE: Many grades in Session 1 & 2 are full. Please check the ‘Currently Registration Availability’ info in the TABs below if you have multiple kids to decide where you can register your kids.
If the session of your choice was full, we recommend you register in the session available and pay. Then you can request a session change by clicking below:

Welcome to CMA Registration! NOTE: Adults who are sevaks/attend adult classes should register also every year as members.

Before you register, check out the curriculum by grade, location, fees, calendar, session timings etc in the Bala Vihar section. Also, the various Adult classes for parents in the Adult classes section.
NOTE: CMA’s focus is Bala Vihar program (not language). Our language classes are optional and offered only to registered Bala Vihar students. Also, this is a “Family program” so we have classes for both kids and adults simultaneously. We believe that a family that studies together, grows together. 

New Family? Need an account?

Click here to create an account for your family. If you are a CMA family, please do not create a new account.

Already have an account?

If you already have an account with us, click here to confirm your membership for next year, update your registration details, register additional children, or make payments.

If you wish to join Chinmaya Gurukul, here is some more information:

  • For the Fall session starting in Aug, all applications are processed on a first come first serve basis. Once registered you will receive Newsletter to keep you informed about start of session.
  • If classes are already in session at the time your application is made, please allow for at least 1 week for us to process your request. Once we verify that space is available for your child, we will send you an email with further instructions for registering and paying fees.
  • We have open registration for new students in Fall (Jun-Sep.). After that we take a waitlist and depending on space in class we add in Jan. This is so that classes are not disrupted by new additions all through out the year. You can join the waitlist by filling this form or emailing us with name of the child, date of birth, grade in school, and session preference.
  • You will be notified via email about when your child can start, class room, teacher name etc.

If your family was part of Chinmaya Gurukul last year (2022-2023), the children that were enrolled in Bala Vihar last year are automatically eligible for registration for Aug 2023 – May 2024 year.

However, you must confirm the registration by going through the online process, and paying the fees on time.

  • Please login using your primary email address that you had previously registered in our system.
  • Once you login, you can verify/correct your details we have for you in the system.
  • You will also have the opportunity to sign up for language classes for your child(ren).
  • Once you complete the online process, the system will notify you the fees due, and instructions for making the payment.
  • Once you log in, you will be presented with a form where you can enter details for the additional child also.

If your family was part of Chinmaya Gurukul last year (2022-2023), and you wish to add another child to Bala Vihar for this year, please go to the registration login page and select ‘Add a child option as part of your family registration.’

Chinmaya Gurukul offers Bala Vihar and adult classes in Cumming and Marietta. Please use the registration links above to signup during registration period.

  • Location: Powers Ferry Elementary school, 403 Powers ferry road, Marietta, GA – 30067
  • Timings: Sundays 4:30-6:00 pm

If you have any issues with the registration process, please email us at

You must use the email where you receive the weekly Chinmaya Gurukul Newsletter as your login email. If you forgot your password, go to the Forgot Password? link.

  • You will receive an email with verification code that will help you reset your password.
  • In case you do not find the email, check your junk mail box/spam filter.
  • In case the email address does not work, try the email address of the other Parent in your family profile. If all addresses are rejected, or you don’t receive the email with the password, please send an email to with your name, name of your children.
Current available spots in each of the grades by session for the Cumming Location.

GradeSession 1Session 2Session 3
Pre Kindergarten8417
Kindergarten (KG)0516
Eleventh (Junior)2200
Twelfth (Senior)1700
Updated 1 PM EDT daily .

Chinmaya Gurukul is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and is run entirely by volunteers.  All the fees are used for operational costs of conducting the Bala Vihar classes for kids, Yagnas/Camps/Study groups for parents and for carrying out Chinmaya Mission activities throughout the year.

Registration period for existing families is April 15-Aug 15th for Aug 2024-May 2025 session.
Registration period for NEW families is June 10-Sep 30th for Aug 2024-May 2025 session. If space is available, we will take new students in Jan 2025.

Fee Information:

Adults Only: Family with no kids in Bala Vihar/ Shishu Vihar$200 for the year: Aug-May
This is CMA membership fee so that you can participate in our Chinmaya Mission yagnas, events and volunteering for them as well as at Bala Vihar.

$100 – If registering in January for Jan-May.
Family with kids in our Bala Vihar/Shishu Vihar class.$385 for family with 1 kid for the year: Aug-May
$570 for family with 2 or more kids.

$75 – Additional if child is enrolling for a language class which is offered to all BV kids.
This fee is due for each child annually.
This fee includes the cost of Bala Vihar books (and language class books if enrolled) for the kids.

If registering in January for Jan-May:
$200 for family with 1 kid and $300 for family with 2 or more kids.
Registration fee applies for all.
Language classes registration is not accepted for Jan, registration.
Registration Fee:A $50 registration fee will be charged for all NEW student registrations
A $50 late fee applies to all EXISTING students confirming after July 15th.

Note: A substantial portion of the fees is Tax deductible as a charitable contribution. We will send you a combined donation receipt for all your contributions each calendar year.

What is membership fee? Our Bala Vihar, is an integral part of Chinmaya Mission Alpharetta (CMA) and is seen as a family activity to learn, grow and volunteer. Your membership fee helps us to maintain and grow the organization.

CMA provides parents with an avenue to advance in our spiritual pursuits through Study Groups, Gita Classes, Bhajan/Chanting class, Jnana Yagnas (discourses), Service Projects etc.
Active participation in any of these activities – including the invaluable voluntary services performed in Bala Vihar – adds a new fragrance to our spiritual blossoming.

We look forward for your support and active participation in the parent groups!

Cancellation Policy:


2 weeks before classes start – nothing is held back.

Before classes start – New family Registration of $50 and existing family late fee of $50 is held back

If cancelling within 1 month of start of classes – additionally $25/child for BV; $25 for language class held back

If cancelling after 1 month of start of classes but before January – A fixed cancellation fee of $100 + $100/child; $25 for the language class is held back

Cancellation after 1st class in January – no refunds.


The goal of Chinmaya Gurukul is to instill good values and promote the knowledge of Sanatana Dharma, thereby laying the foundation for becoming a successful individual and a positive contributor to society. 

In order to achieve this, we want to ensure a positive learning atmosphere for all kids in the Bala Vihar program. By registering and continuing with Bala Vihar classes, you and your family agree to adhere to the proper Code of Conduct and the Discipline Policy at Chinmaya Gurukul.


  1. Abide by the rules and regulations of Chinmaya Gurukul
  2. Follow and respect all instructions provided by any Chinmaya Gurukul activity, program or Bala Vihar facilitators, teachers or volunteers.
  3. Use language appropriate for a spiritual community in person and on online platforms/social media groups.
  4. Respect Others.
  5. Obey the Bala Vihar teacher and their instructions in the classroom.
  6. Listen.
  7. Respect the rights, privacy and property of others including, but not limited to, digital licenses and digital platforms.
  8. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  9. Respect the property and digital platforms licensed by Chinmaya Gurukul or any other physical location where Chinmaya Gurukul activities, programs and camps may be held.
  10. Wear appropriate clothes for activities as suggested by Chinmaya Gurukul facilitators and teachers.
  11. Cell phone use for texting, playing games or for any purpose other than what is permitted by the teacher is not allowed in the classroom and assembly.
  12. All students are expected to have minimum 70% attendance. When unable to attend class, the parent/student should message/email the teacher informing of their absence and the reason for it. If the student is very irregular, the teacher will followup with the family regarding the same.


  1. Any action or inaction by the student that disrupts the classroom or prevents the teaching in the classroom is considered disruptive behavior.
  2. Class disruption, disorderly conduct, insubordinate or disrespectful behavior, and willful disobedience is prohibited.
  3. Biting, hitting, pushing, scratching, bullying ( in person or digital platform), inappropriate or unwelcome physical contact with other students or pulling is considered aggressive behavior.
  4. Engaging in Inappropriate, Disruptive and Aggressive behavior, as said behavior is defined by the Bala Vihar teacher, facilitator or volunteer, is prohibited.
  5. Engaging in threatening or taunting acts of physical, sexual or verbal abuse, either in-person or using any of the digital platforms, is strictly prohibited.
  6. Possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, mind-altering drugs or any illegal substance or paraphernalia during Chinmaya Gurukul sessions is prohibited.
  7. Possession or use of any type of real or facsimile weapons, including cyber-weapons, hazardous object, or explosive device is prohibited.
  8. Vulgar and profane language is prohibited.

In the event any action, inaction or behavior requires disciplining the child, the following steps are generally followed.  The appropriate disciplinary step is based in context of the severity of the student violation of this policy.  

  1. Verbal Warning: the teacher will make a first attempt to talk to your child, and explain the expected behavior and why the offensive behavior is not allowed.
  2. Remove and Set Apart: the teacher will remove the child from the rest of the class or have him or her sit in a different area of the classroom for a set amount of time or until the child is ready to participate cooperatively.
  3. Parent Conference: The parents will be required to meet with the teacher and are expected to talk to their child about proper behavior within the Bala Vihar class.
  4. Expulsion: Should none of the above resolve the offensive behavior issues with the child, the Bala Vihar administration reserves a right to terminate your child’s participation in the Bala Vihar program.

By continuing to attend the Bala Vihar program you and your family agree to abide by the Code of Conduct for Chinmaya Gurukul activities, programs, and Bala Vihar, and you understand that any violation of the same could result in you and your family being asked to withdraw from any activities, programs, or Bala Vihar without any refund.  Chinmaya Gurukul reserves the right to modify this policy without any advance notice.