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Artsy, Craftsy, Happy, Shiny, Festive Bala Vihar Day
Sunday Nov 12, 2023 was anything but an ordinary Bala Vihar day! This was Diwali…
Chinmaya Gurukul – Marietta Diwali Celebrations
Our Chinmaya Gurukul family at Marietta location had a bright and cheerful celebration of Diwali…
Navratri- a celebration of Shakthi in all her forms
What an incredible but blessed Navratri it has been for Chinmaya Gurukul this year. We…
Revelling in Bhakti and Jnana- Swami Prakashanandaji’s Jnana Yagna
As seekers of knowledge we are told again and again that both Bhakti and Jnana…
19th Residential Vedanta Course
Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda conceived the idea of a ‘modern day Gurukula’, to impart the…
GOLF : Goal of Life Fulfilled
Tulsidadji in his Ramayana mentions that Saints are moving pilgrimages. We must meet them and…
Mahasamadhi Puja
As kids would say Long Time No see!! Its been a while between posts .…
Guru Poornima – Celebration of blessings
Chinmaya Gurukul witnessed a very divine and sublime Guru Poornima puja yesterday, June 3rd, 2023.…
Krishna Mela
Krishna Mela…In CMA this conjures up so many images of celebrations past. Of putting together…
2023 Bala Vihar Graduation and Celebration!!
– By Anonymous Bala Vihar is a program for kids that starts in Pre-K and…
Maa Tujhe Pranaam – Green Ashram
Do you think your mother loves you? What a silly question right !! Of course…
Gita Chanting Results 2023!
Hari Om! By the grace of Lord Krishna and blessings of our Gurus, the annual…
Walk for a Great Cause -CORD Walkathon
Spring is here in Atlanta and for Chinmaya Gurukul families that is the time we…
Tree Planting by JChyks
by Lalitha. A Throughout the year, there was a plan to have the current high…
A Divine Celebration of the Master and his Devotee
When the mention of devotee is made anywhere in this world, the first name we…
Republic Day Competition Results 2023!
Art, Writing and Speech It was wonderful to see our Bala Vihar students…
Rang Barse!!! Happy Holi!!
Have you heard of nail biting movies ? If you were able to witness the…
‘S’ is for ‘Seva’
“If you thought some elves were at work where all the shoes outside the classes…
An evening of Divine Music
By Himani Shah On Sunday 19th Feb around 5:45 p.m we were witness to another…
Har Har Mahadev!!
Mahashivarati was celebrated by all the devout on Saturday Feb 18th . We were blessed…
A Field Trip to Gurudwara
Report by – Niharika S. Grade 9th, Avantika Yesterday, Sunday Feb 12th, 2023, all of…
Fun time with MahaShivratri Art Projects
Today our children had a fun time in the Bala Vihar classes making their MahaShivratri…
Happy Republic Day
As people living far away from India, there are many times that we have missed…
Fun S’mores and Movie Night
Over the Sankranti weekend, our Youth, JCHYKs – Junior Chinmaya Yuva Kendra (Grade 9-12) and…
Marghazhi Musical Mahotsav at Gurukul
– By Sandhiya Krishnamoorthy Marghazhi is the month of Bhakti and Music. “Among the months…
An exciting Bala Vihar day with the seniors today
Today was a completely different experience for our kids at Bala Vihar, and an exciting…
Make It Happen – a life changing course
Take an inward journey to reveal your life’s unique purpose; overcome your mind’s deepest limitations;…
Thanksgiving at Gurukul
By the grace of Sundar Krishna and Pujya Gurudev, a new beautiful Holiday tradition has…
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