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Jnana Yagnas and Retreats

“The evolutionary path is an uphill struggle, in ourselves, with ourselves. Therefore, the seekers of spiritual life must have a few days of intense study and abhyasa [self-discipline] in a Camp consisting of similar hearts under the inspiring guidance of a Teacher, and that, too, in protected surroundings wherein the usual tussles of life will not reach him, nor the teasing temptations distract him. Such a spiritual holiday camp is a retreat.”

H. H. Swami Chinmayananda

Jnana Yajnas are five to seven days series of public discourses on a Vedantic scripture given by a spiritual teacher of Chinmaya Mission.

Spiritual Camps are normally weeklong retreats where the devotee is encouraged to temporarily ‘renounce’ the world, briefly shelve daily problems and spend time in study, contemplation and introspection. It is an opportunity for total immersion in knowledge and devotion.

A typical camp starts with an early morning session on guided meditation followed by classes on the scriptures (Upanishads, Bhagavad-gita, or other texts ofVedanta). Throughout the day, members are kept absorbed in spiritually oriented activities: group discussions, satsangs, karma yoga and bhajans, as well as cultural programs where camp participants offer their diverse talents as an offering to the Lord. In short, for one week or more, people hear, talk, and live Vedanta!

Family camps have special features of fun-filled learning for the children including stories, discussions, quizzes, arts, crafts, creative games and skits which cater to different age groups. Swami Chinmayananda’s grand vision envisaged a spiritual retreat for the entire family where young ones from an early age could partake and be inspired by the ancient wisdom of the Vedas.

Chinmaya Gurukul has been blessed to host the discourses of several Swamins of Chinmaya Mission worldwide. We regularly host many such events, and share this information regularly on our website. We encourage everyone to be a part of this great opportunity for spiritual unfoldment in the presence of these saints.

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