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Vedanta Study Classes

Why Vedanta study classes?

  • Vedanta is the spiritual philosophy component of the Vedas
  • It is timeless; very practically applicable & effective even in today’s world
  • Empowers individuals to live a dynamic and fulfilled life
  • Regular education teaches one to make a living, whereas Vedanta teaches one to make a ‘life’
  • Seva done with the right thinking brings deeper fulfillment
  • Helps eliminates blind faith & superstition
  • Helps develop & strengthen bhakti (true devotion)

Shravanam or attentive listening to scriptures : Attending talks by various visiting CM Swamijis as well as being a regular participant of the various sessions conducted by Sushmaji & Sivaji helps introduce & reinforce concepts of Vedanta.
Mananam or contemplating on the knowledge heard (Study Groups): Concepts are best understood when discussed in a interactive forum, which is what study groups provide.

What is a study group? 

A group of 5-15 adults engaged in the discussion of Vedantic topics based on the curriculum of books as prescribed by our masters.

Why does one need to attend a study group?

  • Regular dose of ‘correct thinking’ & inspiration based on scriptures is essential for efficient living
  • Ideas & concepts get better understood and assimilated when discussed in a group
  • Encourages group bonding in holistic manner
  • Forum not available elsewhere
  • Helps one reach one’s higher potential

Adult Classes by Sushmaji & Sivaji 2022-2023

Please contact the coordinator to sign up for these classes. Sivaji and Sushmaji


Study Groups by Gurukul Sevaks

Current study groups offered at Chinmaya Gurukul are a mix of online and in person sessions and the texts being studied include Self Unfoldment, Bhaja Govindam, Tattva Bodha and Narada Bhakti Sutra. The descriptions of these texts and the class coordinator information is in the description. To get Zoom ID and join the online classes, please contact the class coordinator.


Mere listening does not help. These ideas are to be reflected upon deeply and digested slowly. This process is hastened only when you discuss what you have studied with others. This is not a Chinmaya methodology; it is the most ancient Vedantic tradition of study.

H. H. Swami Chinmayananda