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Youth Wing ( CHYK & JCHYK)

What is the Chinmaya youth program ?

Chinmaya youth program is called Chinmaya Yuva Kendra or ‘CHYK’ open for youth (18-30 years) & Junior Chinmaya Yuva Kendra or ‘JCHYK’ (Open to High school kids (14-17 years)

“It is far more relevant for young people to understand the purpose of life and how to live rather than contemplating life’s big questions in old age when life has largely passed us by”

H.H. Swami Chinmayananda

CHYKs all over unanimously agree that Vedanta gives them the tools to live life with equipoise and confidence, enabling them to awaken and channel our inherent energy.

That is because at its heart, Vedanta questions the purpose of life and through logic, indicates how the contentment we universally seek lies within. Vedanta is the philosophical core of the Bhagavad Geeta and Upanishads. Its principles however, are timeless and universal, and can benefit anyone from any background when applied.

CHYK Motto

Harnessing Youth Potential through Dynamic Spirituality

CHYK Mission Statement

To empower youth with the vision, values, and dynamism for success in all fields.

The Gurukul JCHYK program is open to high schoolers (grades 9-12).
The JCHYK sessions held every other week are a forum for planning & executing various JCHYK initiatives throughout the year. In the past JCHYKs have coordinated workshops, camps, events as well as several service projects.


Yuva Rhythms Show
Yuva Rhythms is a series of albums featuring shlokas & bhajans set to innovative & new age melodies & rhythms entirely composed, arranged & performed by talented CHYKs all over the US.
The CMA Yuva Rhyhms (YR) show is a live performance of the tracks by the YR CHYKS.
This show is staged over 2 days (Sat & Sun afternoon). Running for about 2 hours, it contains a short presentation by the JCHYKs and a small 15 min segment featuring to talented JCHYK singers & musicians.
All tasks related to the show (flyers & brochures, website updates, publicity, ticket sales, emceeing, stage presentations, food, etc.) are coordinated & executed by the JCHYKs.
The divine music of the YR tracks truly uplifts the young & old alike and it also gives the JCHYKs a great opportunity to learn & showcase many different skills.
Yuva Rhythms(live) at CMA

Yuva Connect- “Connect, motivate, transform”
Yuva Connect is Gurukul’s own JCHYK event, a uniquely motivating and transforming forum that brings youth within & outside Gurukul together.
2016 was the first year that Yuva Connect (YC) was launched and it was quite successful. YC broadly has 4 components viz. 1) Ice breakers & games, 2) Guest speakers, 3) Youth debate/discussions & 4) hands on activity/workshop, all based a specific theme chosen.
This is an half day event open to all youth within & outside of Gurukul. The JCHYKs coordinate all tasks related to this event (picking the theme, flyer & program brochures, website updates, Guest speaker selection, games, activities planning & execution, food, decorations, etc.).
Needless to say, not only do the JCHYKs learn a lot of important life skills in coordinating such an event, but truly get an opportunity to connect, motivate & transform themselves & others.

Yuva Baal Seva day
This is a half day session where JCHYKs teach, play games & coordinate various activities for kids (prek – 8th)

Service projects: JCHYKs help out the community within & outside CMA through various service projects.

  • Mentor Me: A program that enables JCHYKs to teach academic subjects to underprivileged kids
  • Organizing Bake sales to donate funds to the underprivileged (Jesse’s house, etc.)
  • Serving at community shelters, old age homes, thrift stores, parks etc.
  • Serving at Gurukul Ashram
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With the start of a new semester of Balavihar and school, all students will be able to take part in an exciting new tutoring program!

High school students will be able to tutor a wide variety of subjects from core academics to music and theatre. This is an incredible opportunity because tutors will be able to directly give back to their CMA community, gain service hours for school clubs, and boost up their college applications.

Interested in bring a tutor or tutee? Fill out the forms below.

Sign Up Links: