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An evening of Divine Music

By Himani Shah

On Sunday 19th Feb around 5:45 p.m we were witness to another amazing Swaranjali concert in our own Chinmay Gurukul. “True Bhajan’ is total subjective surrender in love and devotion at the altar of the Lord as conceived by the devotee ” is a quote by our Pujya Gurudev and we saw it come alive by a group of 6 visually impaired ,Divinely Abled musicians from India spreading joy and love for the Lord through their mesmerizing talent in face of daily adversity.

There were four singers Vishal, Swati, Bhavani and Kaushik and 1 tabla player, Ankush and 1 keyboard player Adi.They were accompanied by their compassionate coordinator Mr.Swaminathan and 2 dedicated caretakers.

As always the singers commenced the program with Jai Ganesh Deva Aarti followed by continuous enthralling music for for next one and half hours which was like honey to us listeners.

The Ashram auditorium reverberated with melodious Sundar Krishna bhajans ,Lord Shiva bhajans and many more in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi,sung by them with strong faith and pure love. We were transported to a divine realm and participated with enthusiasm during each and every bhajan.The incredible concert culminated with all of us doing Om Jai Jagadisha Aarti in front of the altar set up for MahaShivaratri.

There was tea and samosas and snacks coordinated by sevaks for the musical group and audience to relish on before the start of an enriching experience.

The musicians who performed belong to an institution which helps make them self reliant and trains them in different crafts in addition to bringing their incredible talent to the forefront.

We are very grateful for the passion with which our very own Suri ji coordinated this event and publicized it .We hope more of our Chinmaya family will be part of our beautiful Swaranjali programs in future , supporting and encouraging passionate artists and their God given talent