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Artsy, Craftsy, Happy, Shiny, Festive Bala Vihar Day

Sunday Nov 12, 2023 was anything but an ordinary Bala Vihar day! This was Diwali day and we were blessed to be able to celebrate it together as one Chinmaya Gurukul family.

Every session started with beautiful Lakshmi Puja in the assembly. It was very heartwarming to see families sitting together and invoking the grace and blessings of Mother Lakshmi.

Then, every grade had a fun art project waiting for them in their classes. Kids thoroughly enjoyed making the Art project and being at their creative best!

While the Bala Vihar classes were going on, CMA board presented a CMA update for all Bala Vihar parents. There were several good suggestions and feedbacks from the Bala Vihar parents, and we encourage each of you to do the same.

Finally everyone departed with yummy, soft and sweet Peda prasad. What an awesome, festive Bala Vihar day! May Mother Lakshmi bless us with all the inner and outer wealth!

We had requested for pictures of how everyone used the Art projects to decorate their homes for Diwali. We received several pictures. Thank you dear parents and kids, your loving and joyous participation with this activity makes it worth it. Enjoy!!

Lakshmi Puja Pictures

We are too busy having fun….

How did you use your Diwali Projects?

Kids added to the Diwali joy at home by using the Art Masterpiece that they created at Bala Vihar. Beautiful decorations kids, we are very proud of you!