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Chinmaya Gurukul – Our Home

Have you ever had your kids ask you, “Why do we have to wake up on a Sunday and why do we need to go to Bala Vihar? “ Have you also wondered that sometimes? I completely understand the feeling .

I am a parent and sometimes with all the other social and academic commitments, its hard to make it to Bala Vihar on Sundays. But once I am inside the doors, I feel like I am home. Not just me if you ask any sevak, I bet they will tell you the same.

 In order to have classes ready for Sunday , sevaks work throughout the week on different tasks. Everyone knows their responsibility and just like in a family don’t need to be reminded . There are sevaks who arrange the altar, manage the parking, clean the ashram and classrooms. There are teachers who work through the week on their lessons and when the kids come they are all set for them. Sevaks also manage everything from the websites, the printing of text books , food , puja and not forget our garden team . There are so many other jobs , big and small that someone will volunteer for when needed.

So why do they do it, I wondered? After the Thanksgiving Dosa Party , Sushma Aunty, our Acharya explained it to us . The reason you feel so content when you come into Chinmaya Gurukul is because everyone works without expectations. No one is upset that they did not get recognized or that someone did not praise them . And just like in a family there is support and love, friendship and camaraderie but no favorites. Isnt that a wonderful way to live?

So I hope you are joining us on Sunday mornings in the assembly . Also do join some study group or any of the classes that Sushma ji and Siva ji offer. All the info is available in the newsletter .  This will set a wonderful example for your kids when they ask you “why do I need to go to Balavihar?” You can answer them in the famous words of Arsu ji “Because Bala Vihar kids are HAPPY