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An exciting Bala Vihar day with the seniors today

Today was a completely different experience for our kids at Bala Vihar, and an exciting one too! Our seniors took classes for our younger Bala Vihar children from KG till 10th grade. The children enjoyed connecting with the Didis and Bhaiyas via fun and interactive activities. Our seniors planned for arts and crafts like Thank You cards, drawing Christmas trees, making peacock feathers, stories from Ramayana, Lord Shiva and Sati and of naughty Krishna, games like passing the message, Lord and devotee, Bingo, Jeopardy quiz game, discussions, getting answers on their tough questions 😃 and of course a lot of good advice that the kids can use.

By the grace of Sundar Krishna and Pujya Gurudev we hope to continue this tradition of “A day with our seniors” to develop a bond of love between our little ones and the Didis and Bhaiyas that they look up to. 

Our heartfelt thanks to all our Seniors for their encouragement and participation in the midst of finals week and College Apps!! Let’s keep this going!!!!