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Gita Chanting Competition Results 2024

Hari Om!
By the grace of Lord Krishna and blessings of our Gurus, the annual Bhagavad Gita chanting competition 2024 was held on March 16th (for children) and March 23rd (for adults). This year the competition was on Chapter 4.
We had 75 participants which is a wonderful increase from last year! We hope more students will participate next year as we continue Gita Chanting in our assembly!

The event could not have taken place without the efforts of the coordinators, all the teachers who taught Gita Chanting, competition judges and sevaks who helped – thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm for Gita Chanting!

Few pictures from the competition are shared here.

Congratulations to all the winners! The results are below.

There will be a state level competition on May 18th. We will share more information about that with those who quality for the competition. 

PlaceFull NameGrade-Class nameBV Location
Shishu & PreK   
1stAyaan Adumala01 PreK – S1Gurukul
2ndDhulshikka Govindu00 SV – S2 AGurukul
1stPinaak Rao02 KG – S2Gurukul
2ndEesha Hebbani Phani02 KG – S1Gurukul
2ndEshan Ravisankar02 KG – S2Gurukul
3rdMayank Bollam02 KG – S2Gurukul
1st Grade   
1stAarith Bhaskara1st grd – S1Gurukul
1stSrimukhi Kolla1st grd – S1Gurukul
2ndDhruv Soma1st grd – S1Gurukul
3rdMeera Lakshmi Arun1st grd – S3Gurukul
3rdShlok Hothur1st grd – S1Gurukul
2nd Grade   
1stChaarvi Vivek Bhat2nd grd – S2 AGurukul
2ndAdwaith Vijay Kumar2nd grd – S2 BGurukul
3rdAnjana Vijay2nd grd – S2 BGurukul
3rdArjun Adumala2nd grd – S1Gurukul
3rdSiddharth Srivatsan2nd & 1st grd – HaridwarMarietta
3rd Grade   
1stVihaan Kiran3rd grd – S1Gurukul
2ndDaiwik Akkinepally3rd grd – S1Gurukul
3rdVardhan Panakanti3rd grd – S2Gurukul
4th Grade   
1stAditi Malavalli4th grd – S1Gurukul
2ndAradhna Anup4th grd – S1Gurukul
3rdSrishti Sharath4th & 3rd grd – RameshwaramMarietta
5th Grade   
1stArnav Kulkarni5th & 6th grd – GayaMarietta
2ndAtharva Murthy5th grd – S2Gurukul
3rdAvishi Dhawan5th grd – S2Gurukul
6th Grade   
1stInchara Kiran6th grd – S1Gurukul
1stPaavani Rao6th grd – S2Gurukul
2ndAnanya Anand6th grd – S1Gurukul
3rdAarya Argonda6th & 5th grd – GayaMarietta
7th & 8th Grade   
1stMadhav Kartha8th grd – S1Gurukul
2ndDeveshi Dave8th grd – S1Gurukul
2ndRaghava Murthy8th grd – S2Gurukul
3rdAmogh Purohit7th grd – S1Gurukul
9th – 12th Grade   
1stShobhita Suri10th grd – S1 BGurukul
1stShruti Sunil9th grd – S1 AGurukul
2ndDristi Dave10th grd – S1 BGurukul
3rdAashray Arun9th grd – S1 AGurukul