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Har Har Mahadev!!

Mahashivarati was celebrated by all the devout on Saturday Feb 18th . We were blessed to be able to welcome Bhagwan Shiva into our midst with all the devotion in our hearts.

The puja team did a wonderful job of arranging the altar with the Shiva LIngam and beautiful flower garlands . Our Sundar Krishna was also adorned in a beautiful dress in blue . The rsvps had been sent out and we were expecting 150 people and there was dinner prasad cooked by the volunteers. There were also individual little stools set up for the yajamans who were going to participate in the puja.

On the day, the priest, Rangachari, arrived early and under his guidance, the alankaram for the Lingam was done . At exactly 5:30, the puja started with the Mukhya Yajaman doing puja for the lingam and the 11 other yajamaans reciting along with the priest and following instructions. There was Ganpati puja followed by the abhishekham of the lingam, with panchamrut which all the devotees gathered there, got to offer to the Lord.It was a wonderful sight to see kids pouring the offering with so much love and concentration.

After this there was a bhajan session by our own BalaVihar kids . At the same time, behind a curtain and to the recitation of holy mantras, the Lingam was washed and cleaned . The curtain was unveiled and we got to see the abhishekham of the Lord in all Kumkum, chandan, turmeric and finally vibhuti. The chandan and vibhuti were collected and offered immediately to all the devotees. After this there was chanting of the 108 names of Shiva .ALl the prasad that everyone had so lovingly made was kept and blessed . Finally the puja wound down around 7:45 after which everyone gathered in the dining room for the prasad.

In keeping with the fasting theme, the food was sabudana khichadi, aloo subzi, a variety of sweets and prasad. We thank the volunteers who were there at all times helping everyone with a smile, offering food so lovingly and bringing food to share . Finally hats off to the puja team headed by Vandna for her loving, smiling guidance .

The idea of Abhishekham is the way milk or water flows, similarly knowledge should flow into our mind. I am sure Shiva Bhagwan has blessed us all with the focus and concentration we all need to gain that knowledge. Har Har Mahadev!!!