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Marghazhi Musical Mahotsav at Gurukul

– By Sandhiya Krishnamoorthy

Marghazhi is the month of Bhakti and Music. “Among the months I am Margazhi”, announced Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita. Its immense spiritual importance and greatness creates a connection between man and the divine. One such powerful association is Andal.
Andal or Kothai Nachiyar is one of the twelve Azhwars in the Vaishnava tradition. Born in Srivilliputhur, Tamilnadu. She is the daughter of Periyazhwar. They both are the most ardent devotees of Lord Vishnu. Young Andal beleived Lord Krishna was embodied as Sri Ranganatha. Her deep devoted love and bond for Bhagavan has given us the soul stirring, devotional treasure called, Tiruppavai. She has appropriated the month of Marghazi with her sacred hymns in chaste Tamil.
The 30 pasurams(songs) of ‘Tiruppavai’ are the height state Bhakthi & Bhavam. It is considered as the essence of vedas which preach the moral, philosophical and ethical values, with the meaning of pure love, dedication and devotion.
We at CMA had the great priviledge of conducting Margazhi Music Mahotsav with Andal’s Tiruppvai songs on Janaury 7th. This heart rendering carnatic musical concert was performed by Mr Raman Poyapakkam and his adroit team. The vocalist Mr Raman was accompanied by, Mr Suresh Kothandaram on Mridhangam, Mr Subra Vishwanathan on Ghatam and Miss Pranavi Srinivas on Violin. This music, with its sublime poetry, soul-melting ragams and electrifying instrumental structure has appealed, delighted and moved us audiences. We all experienced Krishna together.
This outstanding musical feast was accompanied by tasty prasad on the whole cherishing and gratifying our mind palate..

Few pictures from the concert event