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Republic Day Celebrations 2024

Happy Republic Day

When January rolls around , there are 2 things we at BalaVihar get excited about , the first is the Republic Day parade with the little ones and the Speech, writing and Art competitions for older grades. Even though the parade seems like a simple affair , its quite an elaborate arrangement between the coordinators, volunteers , parents and of course the kids.
Our Republic Day Celebration was scheduled for Jan 28th . Signups were sent out in advance for parents to dress up their kids as freedom fighters , gods or goddesses. For it to feel like a Republic Day celebration, our ashram had to be decked up in tricolors. Volunteers milled around all Saturday and early Sunday getting our hall ready. Even the altar got decked up with green, white and saffron decorations as Sundar Krishna looked on. There was a wonderful photo booth also set up, complete with a banner celebrating the 75th year of independence. There was an audio team that had assembled a patriotic set of songs for the parade .

On Jan 28th , the level of excitement was infectious. Little kids dressed as Gandhiji or Saraswathi were being corralled by teachers and parents into their classrooms . All the other classes gathered up for assembly which was carefully marked so kids could walk with no fear of stumbling. Flags were handed out to volunteers and teachers. The music started and the little kids marched in clutching the tricolor with so much pride and smiles as the others cheered. There were Bhagat Singhs and Lakshmis, there was Gandhiji and Rama with his bow .At the end there was a walk by all the volunteers and teachers. It concluded with the American National Anthem and the Indian National Anthem.
It doesn’t matter where we are , the sight of the flag and the enthusiastic singing of the National Anthem will always bring us joy and pride in our motherland. We are very thankful to Raji and her team of volunteers for giving us an opportunity to revel in that feeling.

Jai Hind!!