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Republic Day Competition Results 2024!

Hari OM!
Our theme for the Republic day competitions this year was centered around Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda as it is the 108th anniversary of Swamiji’s birth (May 8th 1916).

It was wonderful to see our Bala Vihar students from Gurukul and Marietta locations participate in our Republic Day competitions for Art, Writing and Speech!

They shared their reflections on the impact of Gurudev and his work on the world through the topics and the results were heart warming.

Thanks to all the students who participated and congratulations to those who won and also to all Sevaks that helped plan, conduct and judge the competitions!

1/27 Sat. – Republic day competitions 3-4:30pm
2/4 Sun. – Republic Day Competitions 10:30am-11:30am – Writing and Speech only

Art topic – Design a poster by choosing any one quote by Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda that captures the spirit/essence of his message. Pick from these quotes:

  1. Be like a flower – Give Happiness and Fragrance to all
  2. Keep Smiling for me
  3. Gurudev shows us the path from darkness to light
  4. Children are not vessels to be filled but lamps to be lit
  5. What we have is a GIFT from HIM. What we do with what we have is our GIFT to HIM
  6. LOVE is to human hearts what the sun is to flowers
  7. Study, Pray, Meditate. But Love. Love is what life is all about
  8. Happiness depends on what you can give, not on what you can get
  9. Make your house, a temple
  10. With Knowledge, practice gives DOUBLE QUICK RESULTS

Writing topics:
Elementary school – My Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda
Middle school – Gurudev says “Life must be fully lived…”. Elaborate in your own words with examples, analogies and anectodes.
High school – Imbibing Gurudev’s qualities in your life

Speech topics: 6th gr and up

a) Significance of Gurudev’s work in modern day
b) Share why it is a blessing to have Gurudev in your life

Story telling Video topic – for kids 3rd gr.-5th gr. 
Make a 2-3min video sharing a story you like about Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda.

Art results:

PlaceFull NameGrade-Class NameBV Location
3rd Grade
1stAngelina Rout3rd grd – S2Gurukul
1stVihaan Kiran3rd grd – S1Gurukul
2ndAnvika Akhilesh3rd grd – S3Gurukul
2ndNiyati Dosala3rd grd – S3Gurukul
3rdAanya Katla3rd grd – S3Gurukul
3rdKeertika Mereddy3rd grd – S1Gurukul
4th Grade
1stSaiSahasra Vejandla4th grd – S1Gurukul
1stAadya Dwivedi4th grd – S2Gurukul
2ndSrihan Karthik Paruchuri4th grd – S2Gurukul
2ndNishika Prabhu4th grd – S1Gurukul
3rdJoshitha Praveen4th grd – S1Gurukul
5th Grade
1stAarna Agarwal5th grd – S1Gurukul
1stMira Rajesh5th grd – S1Gurukul
2ndTrishika Manchinila5th grd – S1Gurukul
2ndLaasya Yetur5th grd – S2Gurukul
3rdPrudhu Akula5th grd – S2Gurukul
6th Grade
1stHridya Thakkar6th grd – S2Gurukul
2ndAnanya Iyengar6th Marietta
3rdAarya Argonda6thMarietta
3rdInchara Kiran6th grd – S1Gurukul
7th Grade
1stShakthi Ananthanarayanan7th grd – S2Gurukul
1stPranavi Ananthanarayanan7th grd – S2Gurukul
2ndSaina Panatula7th grd – S2Gurukul
3rdSanvi Boga7th grd – S1Gurukul
8th Grade
1stSahana Iyengar8th grd Marietta
2ndMaya Rajesh8th grd – S1Gurukul
3rdNavya Kotagal8th grd – S2Gurukul
9th & 10th Grade
1stDhruti Anupindi10th grd – S1 BGurukul
2ndShaurya Kulakarni9th grd – S1 BGurukul
3rdAnvi Mundra10th grd – S1 BGurukul

Speech results:

PlaceFull NameGrade-ClassBV Location
6th Grade
1Saanvi Soma6th grd – S1Gurukul
2Vedanth Suresh6th grd – S2Gurukul
3Paavani Rao6th grd – S2Gurukul
7th Grade
1Mylon Sriganesha7th grd – S1Gurukul
2Amogh Purohit7th grd – S1Gurukul
3Anish Vudathu7th grd – S1Gurukul
3Nethra Gajulapalle7th grd – S1Gurukul
8th Grade
1Maya Rajesh8th grd – S1Gurukul
2Bhavya Jain8th grd – S1Gurukul
3Madhav Kartha8th grd – S1Gurukul
9th Grade
1Shaurya Kulakarni9th grd – S1 BGurukul
2Vyom Krishna9th Marietta
3Nikhil Gajulapalle9th grd – S1 AGurukul
3Shruti Sunil9th grd – S1 AGurukul
10th Grade
1Nilshika Shah10th grd – S1 BGurukul
2Shobhita Suri10th grd – S1 BGurukul
3Veda Govindaluri10th grd – S1 BGurukul
12th Grade(1 participant only)
Commendable!Anirudh Pothuri12th GrdGurukul

Writing results:

PlaceFull NameGrade-ClassBV Location
3rd Grade
1Pranaa Ramaprasad3rd grd – S1Gurukul
2Jenyaa Ramanath3rd grd – S1Gurukul
3Vihaan Kiran3rd grd – S1Gurukul
4th Grade
1Krishna Mathsyaraja4th grd – S1Gurukul
2Aditi Malavalli4th grd – S1Gurukul
3Nihira Rachamalla4th grd – S1Gurukul
3Shrishti Sharath4th grd – S3Marietta
5th Grade
1Mira Rajesh5th grd – S1Gurukul
2Trishika Manchinila8th grd – S1Gurukul
3Anurag Harishankar8th grd – S1Gurukul
6th Grade
1Katalina Rout6th grd – S2Gurukul
2Arya Argonda6th grd – MariettaMarietta
3Paavani Rao6th grd – S2Gurukul
7th Grade
1Amogh Purohit7th grd – 1Gurukul
2Anay Shah7th grd – 2Gurukul
3Renganath Sadayappan7th grd – 2Gurukul
8th Grade
1Maya Rajesh8th grd – 1Gurukul
2Nethraa Ramanath8th grd – 2Gurukul
9th Grade
1Akarsh Malavalli9th grd – 1Gurukul
2Pranav Kunkanvoru9th grd – 2Gurukul
10th Grade
1Dristi Dave10th grd – 1Gurukul
2Nilshika Shah10th grd – 1Gurukul
2Shobhita Suri10th grd – 1Gurukul
3Gia Kashyap10th grd – 1Gurukul
3Veda Govindaluri10th grd – 1Gurukul
11th Grade
1Sanjna Akula11th grd – 1Gurukul
2Dhruv Anupindi11th grd – 1Gurukul
3Sakthi Sadagappan11th grd – 1Gurukul

Story Video results:

This is the first year we had this category of the competition. We thank those who participated but since the participation was very less, we are doing commendable mentions!

PlaceFull NameGrade-ClassBV Location
3rd Grade
Commendable!Vihaan Kiran3rd grd – S1Gurukul
5th Grade
Commendable!Abeer Kulkarni5th grd – S3Gurukul