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Republic Day Competition Results 2023!

Art, Writing and Speech

It was wonderful to see our Bala Vihar students from Gurukul and Marietta locations participate in our Republic Day competitions for Art, Writing and Speech!

They shared their reflections on the impact of Bala Vihar on their Spiritual growth through the topics and the results were heart warming.

Thanks to all the students who participated and congratulations to those who won and also to all Sevaks that helped plan, conduct and judge the competitions!

Art Topic


Add a caption for it: “My prayer for ____ is _____”

Writing Topic

  • Elementary School – “I Love coming to Bala Vihar because…….
  • Middle School – “Proud of my Indian roots…..”
  • High School – “Integration of Hindu values in present day culture….”

Speech Topic

How Hindu values can teach us to be better citizens of the world

We will share the highlights of the kids work for all to enjoy!!

Art results:

3rd Grade
ResultFull NameGrade – Class NameLocation
1stAditi Sajith Nambisan3rd grd – S2Gurukul
2ndSaiSahasra Vejandla3rd grd – S1Gurukul
3rdAadya Dwivedi3rd grd – S1Gurukul
3rdParthiv Shah3rd grd – S1Gurukul
4th Grade
1stTrishika Manchinila4th grd- S2Gurukul
1stMira Rajesh4th grd- S1Gurukul
2ndSanaa Kulkarni4th & 3rd grdMarietta
3rdSanjana Gondi4th grd- S2Gurukul
5th Grade
1stAnanya Iyengar5th & 6th grad – GayaMarietta
2ndSaanvi Soma5th grd – S1Gurukul
2ndInchara Kiran 5th grd – S1Gurukul
3rdArya Nair5th grd – S2Gurukul
6th Grade
1stShakthi Ananthanarayanan6th grd – S2Gurukul
1stSanvi Boga6th grd – S1 AGurukul
2ndAlisha Krishnan6th & 5th grdMarietta
3rdPranavi Ananthanarayanan6th grd – S2Gurukul
3rdSaina Panatula6th grd – S2Gurukul
7th Grade & 8th Grade
1stSahana Iyengar7grd combinedMarietta
2ndNavya Kotagal7th grd – S2Gurukul
3rdShaurya Kulakarni8th grd – S1Gurukul
9th Grade & 10th Grade
1stNiharika Shah9th grd -S1BGurukul
2ndSreeja Ainapurapu10th grd – S1AGurukul
3rdDhruv Anupindi10th grd – S1AGurukul
3rdAnvi Mundra9th grd -S1BGurukul

Speech Results:

6th Grade
1stAmogh Purohit6th grd – S2Gurukul
7th Grade
1stBhavya Jain7th grd – S1Gurukul
2ndMaya Rajesh7th grd – S1Gurukul
8th Grade
1stVamsi Yella8th grd -S2Gurukul
2ndShruti Sunil8th grd – S1Gurukul
9th Grade
1stShobhita Suri9th grd – S1BGurukul
1stVeda Govindaluri9th grd – S1BGurukul
12th Grade
1stAparna Shivkumar12th grd – S1Gurukul
1stNidhi Pandya9th grd – MathuraMarietta
1stJana Malla10th grd – MathuraMarietta
1stJaiden Dodia11th grd – MathuraMarietta

Writing Results:

ResultFull NameGrade – Class NameLocation
3rd Grade
1stAditi Sajith Nambisan3rd grd – S2Gurukul
2ndKrishna Mathsyaraja3rd grd – S1Gurukul
3rdAasrith Jaggarao Gundra3rd grd – S1Gurukul
4th Grade
1stAvni Pawar4th grd – S2Gurukul
2ndTrishika Manchinila4th grd – S2Gurukul
3rdNaina Jain4th grd – S2Gurukul
5th Grade
1stPaavani Rao5th grd – S2Gurukul
2ndSarvani Gandi5th grd – S2Gurukul
2ndAnanya Anand5th grd – S1Gurukul
3rdKatalina Rout5th grd – S2Gurukul
6th Grade
1stAmogh Purohit6th grd – S2Gurukul
2ndMylon Sriganesha6th grd – S1Gurukul
7th Grade
1stSonika Arnoori7th grd – S1Gurukul
2ndRicha Menon7th grd – S1Gurukul
2ndSahana Iyengar7th grd – Mathura (Marietta)Marietta
3rdNethraa Ramanath7th grd – S1Gurukul
8th Grade
1stAkarsh Malavalli8th grd – S1Gurukul
2ndAashray Arun8th grd – S1Gurukul
3rdNikhil Gajulapalle8th grd – S1Gurukul
3rdPranav Kunkanuru8th grd – S1Gurukul
9th Grade
1stShobhita Suri9th grd – S1 BGurukul
2ndVrishabh Bhat9th grd – S1 BGurukul
2ndNiharika Shah9th grd – S1 BGurukul
3rdNilshika Shah9th grd – S1 BGurukul
10th – 12th Grade
1stStuthi Bhat12th grd – S1Gurukul
2ndPranav Srambikkal10th grd – S1Gurukul
3rdRishi Jena12th grd – S1Gurukul