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Tree Planting by JChyks

by Lalitha. A

Throughout the year, there was a plan to have the current high school seniors and the past seniors plant trees on the Ashramam grounds. This was to ensure that our high school graduates made a physical mark on our Gurukul to symbolize their time in Balavihar.

In March 2023, this plan fruitioned as the 12th grade Junior Chinmaya Yuva Kendra (JCHYK) worked together to plant trees with the 2022 JCHYK graduates. They dug holes and planted trees while having fun and talking with each other. After planting and watering the trees, all the JCHYKs head to the dining hall, where they feasted on delicious homemade food.

After seeing the success of this activity, there is a plan to make every year’s high school senior class plant trees next to the other trees.